Faculty of Multimedia and Creative Studies

Faculty of Multimedia and Creative Studies


Faculty of Multimedia and Creative Studies

Multimedia provides the students with the fundamental skills to be employed with the Graphic Arts, Audio Technology, Animation, Video, and printing and publishing industries. It introduces students to a wide range of professional multimedia development packages. As the need of creative multimedia professionals in increasing every year, this programme provides the base of developing the necessary skills to cater the needs in multimedia industries.



 o     Develop novel technologies for use in the creative realm.

o     Create novel multimedia art installations.

o     Improve human-computer interaction systems.

o     Stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration:

  • ·          Across different work areas,
  • ·           Across faculties,
  • ·           Beyond the boundaries of our university, with external partners.
  • ·           Apply Creative Technology in other areas

The mission of the Creative Multimedia is to train a new generation of multimedia specialists, professionals who are not only skilled in the technology of digital media but who are also versed in the art of storytelling and can integrate a multiplicity of media forms.


  • To study the technologies and skills which enable the effective management of multimedia technology and systems.
  • This programme concentrates on the technologies and skills which would empower the students to be able to manage effectively the fast changing world of Information technology.
  • The students are exposed to the various practical aspects of Management Information System, Multimedia Information Systems & Management, Software Project Management, and Software Reliability & Quality Assurance 
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