Dear Students,
Choosing a career path that will bring success and fulfillment in one’s prospective life is a serious matter. Receiving high-quality education that will support young people in their future life and career is, therefore, not only essential for them today, but is also their most natural right. Hence, choosing the right university that will bring you success in your profession is extremely important. In this regard, I would like to take this opportunity to give you some information about International University of Technology Twintech.

International University of Technology has been providing higher education since 2009 and all   programs recognized and approved by Ministry Of Higher Education and scientific Research in Yemen.

With its highly developed infrastructure and facilities, prominent academic staff and strong communication between students and faculty members, International University of Technology Twintech brings up confident and creative graduates who possess the skills to become competitive at the global level. Students have the privilege of meeting, consulting and asking questions to faculty members and University administrators at any level.

Our university is a truly international institution of higher education, thanks to students; Therefore, I invite all of you to explore this multi-cultural environment where you can experience many other different cultures during your studies.

Best regards,

 Dr.Khaled Rashad Al-Alimi

Secretary General

التسجيل مفتوح للفصل القادم (مارس 2017م) لخريجي الثانوية العامة حتى العام الدراسي 2015/ 2016م
من( أجلهم )نرد الجمائل لارض التهائم
برنامج المنح الدراسية لجامعة تونتك الدولية للتكنولوجيا لخريجي الثانويه العامة 2016/2017
مساعدة جامعة تونتك الدولية لطلاب النازحين من جامعة تعز قامت جامعة تونتك الدولية في صنعاء ومساهمة منها بمساعدة الطلاب النازحين من جامعة تعز بتوفير قاعات لطلاب كلية الهندسة من جامعة تع
حملة " عطا " بالعلم نتعلم السخاء