Dr.Emad Al-Ramda

Mr.Osama Maroof

BBF Academic Staff






1.  Dr. Emad  Al-ramada      
2.  Dr. M. Al-Bahem      
3.  Dr. Rajeh Al-jarbani      
4.  Dr. Saleh Al-Ryami       
5.  Dr. Sinan Ghalib       
 6.  Dr. Yahya Alasri      
 7.  Mr.Osama Maarouf      
 8.  Mr.Majed Al- dhelee      
 9.  Mr. Nabil Al-shami      
 10.  Mr. Kamal Tomaim      
 11.  Mr. Ismail Al-najar      
 12.  Mr. Omar Alfakih      
 13.  Mr. Rami  Aqlan      
 14.  Mr. Abdulkareem Al-Iraqi      
 15.  Mr. Shadi Aref      
 16.  Mr. Ibrahim Alshutbi      
 17.  Ms.Malak Al-Qaramani      
 18.  Mr. AlHassan Bin Ali       

Ms.Malak Al-Qaramani

Qualification Bachelor of Business Administration in Oil and Gas Management                                                                        
Position Faculty Associate
Email malak.alqaramani@gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae and List of   publications    
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IUTT participated in (Identity Engineer) the first conference of Yemeni Engineers , headed by Dr. Wael Al-Aghbari, President of the University.
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International University of Technology Twintech signed an academic cooperation agreement with the International University of UNITAR in the capital of Malaysia “Kuala Lumpur” in the field of postgraduate programs