The Established International University of Technology Twintech in Yemen in 2008 by the Ministers of Higher Education in Yemen and Malaysia. So as to ensure the provision of academic standards with a high level is the University of distinct and unique in its specialties technological escort of the era in which we humans desperately need now and in the future, and in spite of the beginning of the emergence of the university short and the challenges and difficulties, but it concept contemporary research science played a significant role through the development of science and technology Unique
As it seeks university faculties and educational and research centers to invest in the human element which Aattabrosmy types of investment
Feasibility and most of through which Aattabrahaddy the education Rkaúzaltnumeih the desired build a conscious generation of innovation and keep pace with the times and Sciences and the University develop plans Alastarajah and translate them into practical reality in response to the evolving requirements of global scientific and technological communities.
The programs offered by the university has been to get approval from the Ministry of Higher Education in Yemen Resolution No. (5120) for the year 2008 - 2009.

IUTT received International Star award for Quality - Geneva 2012
IUTT received International Star award for Quality - Geneva 2012
International Gold Star for Quality Award