The Faculty of Multimedia and Creative technology officially established in 2008. The Faculty of Multimedia and Creative technology provide program is a four-year trimestral course which aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills in multimedia design and development Multimedia provides the students with the fundamental skills to be employed with the Graphic Arts, Audio Technology, Animation, Video, and printing and publishing industries. It introduces students to a wide range of professional multimedia development packages. As the need of creative multimedia professionals in increasing every year, this programme provides the base of developing the necessary skills to cater the needs in multimedia industries.

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Re-sit Exams Start on Saturday 28/07/2018
IUTT participated in (Identity Engineer) the first conference of Yemeni Engineers , headed by Dr. Wael Al-Aghbari, President of the University.
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As the Ministry of Higher Education announced, Sunday 14/09/2014 is the first day of school for this semester, therefore, for all our students to attend their classes regularly from the date mentioned