The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, International University of Technology Twintech started off on 2008. The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology trains specialists for work in various sub-disciplines of computer science and information technology and in the sectors developing new information systems and information technology solutions or using computer-assisted information technology solutions. The faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology offers programs which allow you to pursue diversity of interests. The courses have rich mix of technologies which includes programming, information technology, business communication & research methodology. We believe that this breadth is vital in creating well rounded individuals capable of integrating technical skills into any number of potential career choices. We deem that computer sciences and information technology should combine the intellectual challenge with relatively competitive and evolving field with the excitement of mastering a rapidly changing and innovative technology. The programs in FCSIT are designed to span in theoretical and practical computer science and Information technology and depth in specialized area.

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IUTT participated in (Identity Engineer) the first conference of Yemeni Engineers , headed by Dr. Wael Al-Aghbari, President of the University.
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International University of Technology Twintech signed an academic cooperation agreement with the International University of UNITAR in the capital of Malaysia “Kuala Lumpur” in the field of postgraduate programs