Computer Science


Intended to teach students how to understand, design and build complex computer software systems. Foundational course work and materials cover the theory and practice for programming and designing software. Students are given an understanding how the underlying operating and networking systems interact with local and remote information sources to solve complex problems. Computer science offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas over their lifetime. Computer science majors have careers developing, managing and building software in all types of industries including finance, health care, entertainment, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Program Specifications

Scientific name of the program:

B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science

Total  credit hours required to award the degree


Number of years needed for completion of the program:

Four years (8 semesters)

The body responsible for granting the degree:

International University of Technology Twintech

The body responsible for the program:

Computer Science department

Award granted on completion of the program:

Bachelor of Computer Science

Study system:

Full time /Semester-wise

Study Language of the Program:


Entry requirements:

High School qualification with 68% or more.

Departments participating in the program:


Starting year of the program:


Study methods in the program:

Regular Attendance/ Full Time

Location of Delivery:

Class rooms and labs at Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,  International University of Technology Twintech, Hadda Street, Sana’a, Yemen

The program resources:


Minimum grade requirements:


Other admission requirements:

Pass the interview

Not exceed 4 years after the high school graduation

Date of program development:                        

Date Specification last updated February 2022

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