Cyber Security



The Bachelor's Program in CyberSecurity is designed to qualify human cadres with the aim of deterring cyber attacks and protecting cyberspace. This program focuses on teaching basic and advanced knowledge in prevention, detection, response, and recovery from incidents and cyber attacks. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the program aims to provide students with a broad analytical framework for assessing and solving cybersecurity problems.

The skills the student will gain on this course will be in high demand in tomorrow’s world. The cybersecurity sector is facing a significant skills gap at a time when threats and the legal and commercial consequences of inadequate security are increasing. Emerging areas such as the Internet of Things and Smart Cities offer new opportunities for us all, but also new vulnerabilities to accidental or malicious actions.

Cybersecurity is a computing-based discipline involving technology, people, information, and processes to enable assured operations in the context of adversaries. It draws from the foundational fields of information security and information assurance; and began with more narrowly focused field of computer security.

Promising Jobs:

1-    Security engineer

2-    Secure system architect

3-    Security consultant

4-    Security research assistant

5-    Data recovery expert

6-    Ethical hacker/penetration tester

7-    Forensic investigator and consultant

8-    Network administrator

Program Identification and General Information

Scientific name of the program:

CyberSecurity, B.Sc. (Hons.)

Total credit hours required to award the degree

134 Credit Hours

Number of years needed for completion of the program:

4 Years [8 Academic semesters]

The body responsible for granting the degree:

International University of Technology Twintech

The body responsible for the program:

Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

International University of Technology Twintech

Award granted on completion of the program:

Bachelor of Science in CyberScecurity

Study system:

Regular attendance (Semester based System)

Study Language of the Program:


Entry requirements:

Secondary School Certificate (Scientific)

Departments participating in the program:

Department of Information Technology

Starting year of the program:


Study methods in the program:

Full time

Location of Delivery:

Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology

IUTT University Campus

The program resources:

International University of Technology Twintech Campus

Minimum grade requirements:

Following the Admission Rules made by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research- Republic of Yemen.

Other admission requirements:

IUTT Admission and Regulations Rules.

Date of current development of the program:

Feb 2022

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