Business Information Technology



This program is designed to provide students with expertise in the development and use of computer systems and quantitative modeling techniques for solving business problems and making managerial decisions. Students learn the necessary information technology and computing skills to develop and implement sophisticated business-related computer systems. The degree program focuses on the practical application of computing to business problem-solving.

Program Identification and General Information:

Scientific name of the program:

BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology

Total  credit hours required to award the degree

134 Hours (Theory + Practical)

Number of years needed for completion of the program:

4 Years

The body responsible for granting the degree:

International University of Technology Twintech (IUTT)

The body responsible for the program:

Business Information Technology

Award granted on completion of the program:


Study system:

Semester Wise

Study Language of the Program:


Entry requirements:

High School

Departments participating in the program:

Department of Information Technology

Starting year of the program:


Study methods in the program:

Lectures (Regular Attendance)

Location of Delivery:

Halls & Labs of IUTT

The program resources:

Text books, Slides

Minimum grade requirements:

65 %

Other admission requirements:

Student has obtained his high school certificate before to 4 Year or less.

Student has passed personal interview

 Student has passed  aptitude test

Date of program development:

25 / 7 / 2020

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