General Secretary

General Secretary

I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the website of the International University of Technology Twintech, which will be a qualitative addition with the information it contains of interest to its sons and daughters, students and those interested in the educational services provided by the university.

The university also believes in achieving a real and societal partnership with other relevant parties inside and outside the university and raising the scientific level of the university to reach the global level in developed countries in developing education in the Republic of Yemen and to support the process of higher education and scientific research and striving towards transformation into a society Knowledge and preparation of graduates with high qualifications that contribute to their rehabilitation and comply with the requirements of the labor market in Yemen and abroad.

The university's website has also been updated to provide sufficient information about the faculties, departments, and specializations in the university, and to renew the aspirations of our students, male and female students, and those interested in scientific research.

In the end, I must pay tribute to the effort and the important role provided by the academic and administrative staff at the International University of Technology Twintech, which works in the spirit of one team to reach the desired goal of the university, excellence in educational service.


  Mr. Abdul Salam Al Alimi