Vice President for Academic

Vice President for Academic

Welcome to the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


It is my great pleasure to welcome our dear students currently enrolled in the University and who are expected to start their academic journey by joining this distinguished academic institution. My dear sons, students, you are the main motivation that we and our academic staff and administrators devote all their efforts for developing and supporting an academic environment for excellence in teaching, learning, and research. As we keen on developing leaders across disciplines who serve society and make a positive difference in the world, we strive to overcome all difficulties to ensure the achievement of the University's goals.

International University of Technology Twintech offers through its faculties, a distinguished academic experience to our dear students. IUTT is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic quality in undergraduate education and graduate programs. Therefore, we are proud of our academic programs that contribute to preparing students and qualifying them to be effective in the labor market and to be leaders in the future.

 In order to achieve the goals and vision of the university, we in academic affairs are keen to select distinguished and highly qualified scientifically faculty members who have the ability to link both applied theories with professional practices to support our students in professional performance. As a result of our interest in improving the professional academic abilities of our students, our university graduates are distinguished by their ability to work directly in their fields of specialization.

So, we pay great attention to scientific research, that contributes to the advancement of our Yemeni society and also contributes to developing the true solutions to the complicated and accumulated problems in society. We also welcome any partnerships that contribute to serving our community and building our home.


Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Mogeeb  Mosleh