Admission Guide

Admission Guide

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    Step 1

    The process of coordination, admission, and university registration begins at the  International University of Technology Twintech according to the dates set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Higher Education, where registration is made through the electronic planning portal for unified coordination and student files are received for admission and registration at the university and verification. Among the conditions for acceptance and the conditions for registration, and then entering the data for the electronic message.
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    Provide Admission Requirements

    • Through the portal, Yemeni male and female students are registered to enroll in the private Yemeni universities of the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education, by following the following steps:
      • Open the link : Register now
      • Follow the instructions and enter the seat number and determine the year of high school graduation
      • Create an account by entering the seat number
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    Select the college and choose the major

    • After entering the Nasaq portal, the universities accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education are displayed, then choose the International University of Technology Twintech 
      • The registration criteria are displayed by the college
      • Select the college to view the majors available for registration
      • Choose a major and fill in the necessary information
      • Complete the registration and know the registration fee payment portfolio number
      • Pay the registration fee
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    Satisfy the conditions for registration and admission to the University of Twintech

    Conditions and documents required for Admission
    Pass the placement exam.
     Fill out the registration form.
     Attach the original high school form or equivalent.
     Attach a true copy of the secondary school application form.
     Attach a translated copy of the General Secondary Education Form.
    For high school students from outside Yemen, it must be accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and equivalent to the Ministry of Education and others
     Attach a copy of the identity card or a copy of the passport for Yemenis, and for non-Yemenis, please attach a copy of the data page and the residency page of the passport, provided that it is a passport that is valid for more than one year, and a copy of a valid residence.
    Recent personal photos 4 * 6 white background.
     Pay the registration fee (25,000 riyals).
     Attach the financial receipt.
     Students with TOEFL or IELTS certificates do not take the English language placement test and must bring a copy of the certificate.
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    Step 5 If the secondary certificate is from outside Yemen

    If the secondary certificate is from outside Yemen, it must be approved (the original and the true certified copy) from the following parties:

    • Ministry of Education in the country that issued the certificate.
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country that issued the certificate.
    • Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the country that issued the certificate.
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen - Sana'a.
    • A copy of Identity card or family Identity card.
    • Ten recent front personal white background photographs (4 * 6) cm.
    • Passport (for non-Yemeni students) valid for at least one year.
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    Terms of Admission and Registration:

    The University accepts high school graduates in the Republic of Yemen or the equivalent, with the grade that is determined annually.

    The University accepts high bachelor degree graduates, with the grade that is determined by Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research.

    Provide all the required documents approved with University application to the administration of Admission and Registration.

    The student undertakes to abide the University regulations and instructions in force during the study period.

    Since the study is in English, The student has to take a placement exam to determine the level of English language. In case of not getting the required score the student is advised to study English and terminology in the same University before starting undergraduate study.