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Dean Word

Dear Students,

The Faculty of Multimedia and Creative Technology at the Twintech International University of Technology is one of the distinguished qualitative additions to this distinguished academic and scientific edifice, as it seeks, seriously and keenly, to prepare creative designers capable of harmonizing between originality and contemporary and keeping pace with all technological revolutions.

The Faculty of Multimedia and Creative Technology was established in the university in the year2008 in the Department of Multimedia, which was established in the academic 2008-2009 year The department's credit hours amount 134 credit hours, and is currently awards the first university degree (bachelor's) in this specialization and seeks to open academic programs with new specializations. In order to achieve distinction, the college has been concerned with preparing study plans that are compatible with the circumstances and changes of the era, and the requirements of the labor market, in order to achieve its vision, mission, and goals, stemming from the vision, mission, and goals of the university.

The university has paid great attention to the infrastructure and equipment required in teaching the theoretical, scientific and practical discipline requirements. The faculty benefits from educational support, as the university provides computerized and visual educational media for various academic subjects, prepared with advanced technologies, and is constantly updated, to be of a high degree of scientific accuracy, in order to achieve the set of goals. In addition to, enrich students' public and private experiences, the faculty encourages students to participate in local and International competitions.

The faculty is open to the local community, through scientific research and student projects that related to reality, and directed to meet the needs and aspirations of the local community. The faculty attracts distinguished academics in their specializations to teach, and invites distinguished practitioners to give scientific lectures. Arbitration committees are also formed from inside and outside the college from distinguished practitioners in the profession and academics, to evaluate students' academic projects, to achieve more openness to the local community and benefit from its energies.

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