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Dean Word

Dean Word

In light of the rapid developments that the world is witnessing today in various fields of science and knowledge, it has become clear the important role in which computer science and information technology contribute to the development of these fields through the various tools and techniques it offers that facilitate and organize tasks that are difficult to accomplish by traditional methods. Within short periods of time, and within the vision and overall goals of the university, the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in the year 2008.

In the interest of the faculty to excel, it has started to establish the Department of Business Information Technology as the first department of its kind among Yemeni universities. In order to diversify the fields of specialization and contribute to community service, the Department of Computer Science was added in the year 2017. The faculty will start two Programs: AI and Data Science and Cybersecurity to keep peace with recent advancements in the field of computing.

In keeping with the continuous developments in the field of IT, the faculty follows a policy by updating its study programs and providing the student with the most recent references and resources, in addition to developing the practical side by developing the most recent laboratories. Additionally, the faculty is keen to select the cadre Specialized academic with highly qualified and recognized competencies.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology aspires to qualify graduates with scientific and practical capabilities and skills who are able to actively contribute to development, community service, competition, and obtain appropriate job opportunities. The faculty also aspires to develop the research side of students, pay attention to scientific publishing, participate in seminars and scientific conferences, and provide positive additions to the field of knowledge.

I wish all students continuous success and acquisition of the most knowledge in their fields of specialization, which contributes to the advancement and development of society and reflects the good reputation of the faculty by making more effort and determination.

Dr. Hamzah Ali

Faculty Dean 

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